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Paph. sanderianum Miniature Fundraiser

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John Boy

It’s the end of another successful breeding year, and I’m happy to report that my new Lab-Room is becoming more and more what I hoped it would be. To further extend shelving as well as invest in some more breeding stock I decided to part with one of my treasures. Since we here in Europe never get the chance to take part in the annual Slippertalk Auctions, I’d like to offer to donate (Holiday Season coming up!!!), 15% of the transaction value to Slippertalk!

So what are we talking about? :confused:
Years ago, when I was young and hopeful I had a little Gallery in the Welch Marches, selling Art, as well as Orchids. The Orchid bit did fine, while the Art side of it… well, put it this way: The business failed.

However, this little Miniature Painting was/is one of the stars of what I had available.


As you can see it’s a Paph. sanderianum in Situ, and what’s more, it’s been water-colour painted on ancient Mammoth Ivory, the surroundings are handcrafted from Mammoth Ivory, plus the framing is Gold Leaf. And if that doesn’t mean an anything to you, let me tell you about the artist. His Name is Ehrenfried Riegel, head of underglaze painting at Meissen. If you google his name, you’ll find out that he’s probably the biggest name within Flower-Miniatures on this planet at present time. :drool::drool::drool: Considering all this, it doesn’t take a visionary or a complex formula to work out its prospective future value. (Match for scale!);)


In conclusion you’ll be getting:

• A picture that is handcrafted by one of the most renown flower painters of the planet
• Using fossil Mammoth Ivory and water colours
• A true Miniature Painting, framed with real Gold-Leaf
• An Artist signature that speaks for itself
• A once in a lifetime investment plus a Paph. sanderinanum to carry it


I’ve had 2 of these pictures done by Erenfried, one I sold to an Antiques & Art Dealer in the U.K., the other I kept for myself, until now. So there you have it. This Miniature is downright an investment of the special sort. It’s small, it’s perfect, and it won’t mind to stay within your Family for ever.

Pricing: As I said, 15% of whatever happens will go back into Slippertalk. I’m happy to consider part cash, part plant offers. Any offers please PM me. Just to avoid bargain hunters: I’ll consider any offers starting from 3000$ onward. So, if you’d care to offer 3 multigrowth, flowering size sanderianums plants plus cash, I’ll consider that. If you’d offer 2000$, I’ll not be interested…and so forth.
Whow, JB - to offer this Masterpice of Art here in this forum is quite something!!!!:clap::clap::clap:

A Miniature painted on Ivory surrounded by Gold- I've never heard of something like this or have even seen something similar.

That for sure is the ultimate X-mas present of the Year for somebody very very lucky!
That is very beautiful, John Boy. But the price is way more than my pocketbook could possibly afford. I suspect that is true of most people here. I do hope you can meet your goal, however.
I would love to be able to buy such a piece John and I really think it's gorgious but something like this is out of reach for me currently.

I hope that someone comes up and shows a genuine interest in this little gem.
It's gorgeous and a generous offer for ST if there is a buyer but that would blow my Xmas budget for the next 5 years! The economy is tough everywhere, hope for ST & yourself there is someone out there!
Ditto what others have said. It is beautiful but there's no way my budget could handle that price. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and I hope you do have luck selling it.

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