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And what sort of environment do they grow?
Paph thainum I believe belongs to the Brachy group ( same group as Paph niveum, Paph concolor ). I just got one this spring and I provide the same condition as Paph niveum and Paph concolor. In the summer time, warm temp, can water just approaching dryness. In the winter, my Paph niveum and paph concolor get cooler temp in the evening (average 15C for 2 months at least) and I let them dry out completely before I water. Both niveum and concolor bloom like clockwork every 2 years once the growth matures. I suspect that thainum will be the same. I don't think my thainum is blooming size yet but the newest leave is growing normally and also has a new baby coming out from the mother growth. Some people say it's thainum is a slower grower but I don't think so.

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