Thaianum '#1' 2021

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So, it is fragrant! Great to know! Other brachys like leucochilum and concolor smelled like rotten eggs to my nose. lol
I've bloomed many, from different sources, and in my experience 50% or less are fragrant even from the same source.

But when they are... awesome! :p
I didn't measure the ns because I pollinated it before it completely opened, but here are the segment widths:
Dorsal 2.3cm wide by 1.7cm long, petals 2cm wide by 2.5cm long, synsepal 1.4cm wide by 1.7cm long. Pouch...was removed lol, but you can see that it's proportional.
To see Paph thaianum flowers is always great and both are very nice ones.

@Werner You bought this plant as a seedling or did you propagate it yourself?
Rudolf, its from a Thai breeder

all my seedlings are from random seed pods on my plants , growing on pots of older plants

propagation makes no sense, what to do then ? I am not allowed to do any business