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Mar 20, 2022
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Senftenberg in Brandenburg, Deutschland
It is now exactly one year since I received my first Phragmipedia from Ecuagenera. The day I got them I felt like a boy discovering the beauty of girls for the first time. One of them was particularly beautiful. It was a Phragmipedium humboldtii, which was delivered to me already with buds and a short time later all its flowers unfolded. It was like she wanted to make my head spin with her beauty forever.

September 2021.


In October 2021

Then came the long, dark days and my Humboldtii was no longer happy with the circumstances. Many leaves turned yellow. The plant, which has always radiated strength and vitality, and always gave me the impression that it was made of Lego, now seemed to lose its joie de vivre. It was like she wanted to divorce me, ok maybe not quite but our relationship was sore. But since I still loved her, I invested in her and researched the causes. She was probably getting too much sun and not enough nitrogen. Every man knows that when women are doing too well....;-)

Spring 2022

I then cut out the yellow leaves, gave her a new fertilizer and put her in the third row by the south window. She then reacted with very strong, but no longer quite so compact growth. She showed me very clearly that she is fine. The leaves were strong and rich green. Yes, and then sometime that summer, she looked deep into my eyes and thanked me for my efforts, my love, and my loyalty to her. She did this with three inflorescences and seven flower buds. Now I wait every day for her full beauty to unfold.


What can we learn from this story? If you take good care of women and orchids, you will bring them much happiness (and sleepless nights). I'll tell you how it goes soon.
Just pointing out a needed correction....the moral to you story is that "If you take good care of women and orchids, they will bring you much happiness (and sleepless nights).".....not the other way around. ...although if you take good care, they will be happy too. LOL
I love the story and I'm a Phrag. lover as well, however, I don't think women really need taken care of (pardon the
preposition). On the other hand, orchids DO need care and thoughtful adoration.

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