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sweet new paph species for sale again!

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Chicago Chad

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Apr 23, 2013
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I have a recent import order from Popow and he included some extras for me that I was not expecting. The plants are all in exceptional quality, including both foliage and roots. Sizes and prices may vary.

US buyers only please. Money accepted via Paypal. I will hold plants for a reasonable amount of time based on shitty weather but I will require payment to do so. Pictures of each plant and roots can be uploaded at a later time or can be emailed immediately upon request.

available are:

-papuanum (about 7" LS or NBS) $80 each/ 2 for $150/ 4 for $250

-sangii var. ayubianum (BS) $80 each
-sangii var. ayubianum (3 growth) $175 (only one available in this size)

-malipoense var. jackii fma virescens (album) NBS to PB with new growth (6-7" LS on mature growths) $100/ $125/ $150/ $200

-tranlienianum fma. alboviride (album) 5" LS and BS $150 each

-violascens (BS but a bit wild looking still) $80 each but only if you confirm that the plant is acceptable in its current condition. They are huge though.

Shipping will be done via USPS priority. Heat packs can be included if needed. Anyone requiring special shipping requests or overnight, ect must pay at least half the shipping costs, otherwise shipping is free for orders over $150. First come, first pay, first serve.

Thanks for supporting your local hobbyists!
Tim can you message me an email. I cant upload them from work but I have them on my phone.
1 papuanum, 1 tranlienianum album and 1 jackii album have been sold. Thank you
Emails sent. Tim you're next. If I made an offer with my email for paypal. Once you pay the plants are yours. I know some people may be competing and I want all sales to be as fair as possible. Thanks again for any interest.

Hey Troy I think a sangii is calling your name and if it turns out album, you will be a wealthy man :D
Thank you all very much for the support. I greatly appreciate the groups willingness to purchase plants from me. I spend a great deal of time trying to secure species that are either unavailable or seldom seen. I have to coordinate the shipping, prepayments, paperwork and broker nonsense but it has been worth it each time when I have such an overwhelming response from growers here that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. It also lets me avoid the potential hassles of ebay.

At the moment I am sold out on just about every plant. I am waiting for payment on the last tranlienianum album and jackii album. I also will have a few violascens left if they look acceptable to me this evening. I will take and post pics when possible. They are big boys!

Any plants that are not paid for by this evening will be relisted or offered to the first person who missed out.

Thanks again and please remember that I will track the weather and make any changes based on those demands.
updated listings

At this point I have just a few species left that I have decided to let go of. These are the last until May.

(1) tranlienianum album (5"LS or larger) excellent roots and clean foliage. Should bloom in season. I do not know of a US source for this and it may be the only one for sale stateside.

(1) jackii album (1 PB growth with a new lead) 6.5" LS on PB and new start is just emerging with about a 1-2" LS, but it is thick and full. excellent root mass.

(3) violascens (wild collected IMO, old growth has markings from shipping and possible collection. Plants appear healthy otherwise with the new foliage looking clean, with crisp tessellation. LS varies but absolutely blooming size and each has thick healthy roots
$75.00 each

Pics available for each by email. I do not have time to upload them at the moment. If the plants do not sell by Monday I will be listing them publicly on other sources. I will negotiate prices on multiple plant purchases. Thanks again for any interest.

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