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Paphs for sale

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Aug 21, 2010
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seattle, wa
I am downsizing my collection even more and will probably be selling everything in the next year or two while I am in grad school, I still have to wait for many seedlings to grow big enough to sell. I will be graduating with my Masters in Aug 2020 and I plan on moving on (out of my current state of Wa, buying an RV and hanging out in the southwest US while I apply to Phd programs) and putting all my hobby focus into astrophotography. Yes, I have made some important life decisions that preclude me from being able to grow orchids.

Micranthum 'select' divisions 25 each

lowii NBS select x springwater AM/AOS 20.00 each (bareroot only)

PEOY (roth five fortune TRO/TOGA x sand Ping TOn) BS large plant 50.00

roth gigantic x perfection BS starting new growth 75.00

roth 2nd dimension x pylo seedlings 25 each

roth Gold Dynasty x Giant WIngs 2 plant compot 35.00

pics on request...send email, all are plus shipping, No discounts please, that will come if I have anything left when I am ready to leave
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