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L I Jane

Look at this weird happening.The little thing like a blade of grass coming out beside the spk.It's very limp & elongated at the end like a mini leaf but not quite.
Matt Gore would scare the plant into growing properly.
And if that didnt work, he would pee on it, and it would become so fertile that it would immediately bloom.

Such is the word of Gore.
I think the Gore legends should really be confined to their own thread, lest someone misunderstand and get the wrong idea.

Anyway, I had the same thing happen on a roth hybrid... all I got was the skinny little pseudo-spike, though... I didn't get a real one along with it. Rumor has it that they occur in complex hybrids with some frequency. I don't know yet whether this is something that recurrs or whether they disappear as the plant matures.

- Matthew

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