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He found this outside today and brought it in, he was so proud of himself.




I swear, Spanky is my favorite other forum cat (and sometimes he trump's moey, but not tonight, she's being cute. She so loves watching the fishies.) :) he has such personality. Of course, I love Sir Willard Cat, and the talented Bert, and of course Lefty, and Murphy and Gregory also. My top five. Er. Six!
bwester said:
Please tell me that giant green thing isnt real

It is a tomatoe horn worm, and it IS real!!!!! so disgusting. I am glad he didn't bite into it. they oooooze gross green juices if you prick them.
Forcing contestants to eat live tomato hornworms has been a popular challenge (with viewers) on Fear Factor. It looks like Spanky is willing to take it on voluntarily.
Last time I saw a creature like that, it was talking to David Bowie, though that could have been the movie Labyrinth:)

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