Sophie the PBGV is gone

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Aww, so sorry for your loss! They do leave a hole in your heart, I’ve felt it too many times. After the last loss, I said ‘no more’. My resolve didn’t last long, I now have two more❣️
I too am so sorry to hear about your loss. I've had dogs all my life and they are indeed part of our lives and love. May you cherish your time together and know she/he is looking down on you with love from above.
Sorry to hear that, Angela...our 13.5 years old Maggie is failing fast lately and I don't think she will be around very long.
Tom-DE love Maggie all you can and give a little extra each day. It's hard to know before it happens how much
you'll miss her. Give her a tummy rub and a doggie smooch for me.