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Just me!
Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
I know this has been done before but i have a short memory so humour me please.:crazy:

Anyways, I'm Wendy and i live in Guelph, Ontario. (Yep, I'm a Cannuck) Hubby and I are about to celebrate our 19th anniversary. We have a 17 year old son. We also have three cats and a Jack Russell Terrier. I have my own house cleaning's nice being self employed...and hubby is a production manager for a vinyl siding manufacturer. Even the boy has a job....he works in the hot deli at the local grocer.

I've been growing orchids for just over 5 years now and specialize in Paphs and some Phrags. (Thanks John! :p ) What an addiction! I've recently decided to cut back on my collection though as it was getting to be too much work and not much fun.

Okay, who's next........
Me! me! Pick me!

Okay, um, I'm Heather (my first name's actually Anne but rarely am I called that), I'm 34, and have a bachelor's from UMass Amherst in Anthropology and I tend to work in the Museum world, in many different areas including retail management and visitor services, and now with more of an emphasis on education and public programming and PR and marketing. In the museum/non-profit world, staffs are generally tiny and so we end up doing a little of everthing. Good for the resume, difficult to explain in one sentence. I am, as of April, the "Outreach Coordinator" at the Culinary Archives & Museum at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. I was really hoping I would be able to transition into more of an outdoor botanic garden setting when I lost my last job last January, but it was not in the cards. Perhaps next time!

I live in West Roxbury, MA; this is my first time living "in" Boston! I grew up in Massachusetts and have lived there (but in more rural settings) my entire life with the exception of the 6 years I lived in Albuquerque, NM. while the SO was getting his PhD in Physics. He now works for MIT, and will tell you he is an engineer, but he's really not. I have an older sister (6 years) who lives in Oakland, CA and a mom, who also lives in MA. The SO and I met 15 years ago in a Peruvian archaeology class (I am constantly trying to convince him that we need to go to Peru to commemorate this but he sees through my ploy...) we are not married, nor do we have kids. We have an evil cat, Mosi (which means "cat" in the Navajo language), who is 13 years old, and I have some fish. Actually, the fish are my orchid's pets.

I have been growing orchids since November 2003, after my last boss gave me an Iwanagara Haleahi for my birthday. I fine tuned my interests and began concentrating on Paphs and Phrags in May of 2004. I have about 75 Paphs and Phrags (and as I am sure you are well aware) I specialize in the multi-floral Paph species and hybrids, Phrag besseae species and hybrids, and long petaled Phrag. species.
Ok my turn.

Hi, my name is Marco and I'm addicted to orchids. Nice to meet all of you!

I'm 24, the youngest of three, and just recently graduate from CUNY Hunter College with a BS in Accounting. I live in Hicksville, New York, with my parents and have lived here for about 15 years. Currently, I work as a part time staff in a small accounting firm in Huntington Station, Long Island. (Screw the city! I went to school in the city for 6 years my commute was horrible. Waking up at 7:30 am with a 15 minute drive to work is oh so sweet! :) ) I'm trying, keyword "trying", to study for my CPA examinations. I promised myself I wouldn't work full time until I pass at least 3 sections of the exam. At this rate I may never pass but I've always had a tendency to be a pro at crastination. The probing stick :poke: of a looming student loan that is soon to be due is pushing me to go study because my pay now just isn't cutting it.

I'm a windowsill grower that started collecting orchids this past March of 2006 and started getting hybrids from various generas - phal, paph uniflora, vanda, catts, dend and oncid - to test the waters and see what I could handle. (The vandas will be on their way out very soon). After about a week I stepped into the wonderful world of Paph multi's and species and purchased a phil. alba seedling, bs eva weigner, st. swithin seedling and gloria naugle seedling. Along with that purchase I also ordered several phal species and hybrids. That was the turning point where I started to focus more on Phals and Paphs. Soon after that I bought "The wuss" from Heather along with her huge Eva Weigner and thats when I really started focusing most of my attention on Paph Polyantha hybrids who have either some sand, roth or phil influence. But now I'm looking more into stonei influenced hybrids.

My favorite Paph Multi is the Sanderianum. I hope soon I'll be able to own and take care of one. Once I pass my exams I'm seriously thinking about treating myself to a multi-growth sand and a nice vacation to Luzon. A trip that I've been pestering my SO about telling her she HAS to go. Supplemented with excuses like "you can visit your family" and "I can visit my family". Unfortunatley she figured out I'm planning to go find a guide to trek around luzon to hunt down native species that grow in Luzon and that I need her to be a translator because my filipino is horendous.
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Ok, looks like I'm up next.

My name is Zach and I'm 20. In the fall, I'll be a junior at the College of William & Mary. I'm attempting to double major: Biology and Environmental Science.

This summer I'm living in Williamsburg and assisting cdub with his masters thesis: a floristic study of an 87 square mile watershed. Basically, we walk around in the woods all day and pull up plants. When I'm not doing that, I work in the kitchen at a local upscale seafood restaurant. I've done everything... washing dishes, salads, prep work, working the line, etc. It sucks and I'm probably going to get a tree mapping job from the school, so it looks like I'll be quitting that one soon.

My interests mainly lie with the genus Cypripedium with an emphasis on section Trigonopedia. I'm a big evolution nerd, so I'm definitely into systematics and taxonomy. I'd love to be able to get into orchid conservation, too. I believe all species have intrinsic value and 'deserve' to be able to survive in their homes.

I just starting growing slippers in May with the help of Teresa. She sent me two Phrags. The Cape Gold Nugget is in love with me while the Uranus wants a divorce. Or wants to commit suicide. Or something.

As for hobbies, orchid growing is the main one, obviously. I was a reasonably accomplished distance runner in highschool(those are the only hits when my name is googled) and I tried running collegiately for a year, but it prevented me from taking classes I wanted. So I'm done with that phase. I still like to run once in a while for fun.

As for the future, I don't really know. I'll definitely go to graduate school. As for a PhD... That'd be nice, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.
I am 30, and one of ten kids from an Irish catholic family.

I went to college, but left early when I was hired by USA television networks as a Media Designer. The job was great, but the cubicles not so much. I left and cashed out my stock options to start my own bookstore. After two years, I sold that business and suckered my girlfriend at the time into marrying me. We had been living together for a year and I couldn't see myself living without her, so the decision was easy.

My wife and I are currently traveling the world. She contracts with hospitals that are short on staff, so we end up moving at least every six months. We have lived in several different cities including Albuquerque, NM and are currently in Phoenix, AZ.

I have been growing orchids for five years, starting with the Japanese species Neofinetia falcata.
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Okay, so I'm twenty-five, just recently graduated with a BA in English Lit, finally, after taking a few years off to write. Now, I am really getting to work on the novel so that is consuming most of my time. I recently picked up the violin, have been playing for two years, and I love it, although my cat does not.

I grow in my apt, which is located in a really nice area of San Francisco with a great view. They are on a rack, by the window, and amount to about twenty-fice, although I have killed nearly three times as many (damn phals) until I realized that slippers were more suited to me. It's small, but cozy, and you all are welcome here if you're ever out here.

I met my boyfriend four years ago two days before he was going to move back to NYC (he hated San Francisco) and somehow a few months later, I convinced him he needed to move back here. Now, we're just waiting for him to finish some projects, and then we'll be packing all our things and moving to NYC. I have had to give away so many plants due to this, and keep my collection down in preparation for this.

I am also working on getting my citizenship so I can go to Japan, and eat sushi, luckily for me, Max loves sushi, too (although he hates the 'uglies', aka orchids).
Geez, where to start...this will probably end up very long...

Well, I'm 25 and the youngest of four brothers. My mother has always been an outgoing person, gardener, and biology nut and has her Masters in Microbiology and is currently working in a lab working on a cure for the degenerative eye disease, Retinitis pigmentosa...ironic huh. My father just retired from being an electrical engineer (PE) and has his Masters in Electrical Engineering and has always been an insanely intelligent math/logical person who keeps very much to himself. I ended up a mix of the two, and the only one of my brothers with any interest in biology.

I grew up and still live in Springboro, Ohio which is basically a large suburb between Dayton and Cincinnati. Since I can remember I've always preferred to be entertained by nature and spent my early years exploring the woods and creeks near my house. I've always had pets and plants, and a mom who was very supportive of any passing interest. I learned to read before I can remember so that I could identify the bugs/fish/plants I found on my adventures. My teachers all thought I had reading problems because I failed every book test on the beginner books because I didn't bother reading them(bah, fiction) until my mom showed them an example of my reading latin plant and animal names. I still avoid fiction to this day.

When I was about six I took an interest in her couple houseplants, so she took me to the local nursery to find my own houseplants and then to the book store to find some books. After about a year, the window in my bedroom was a jungle of houseplants and slowly died of neglect when my new hobby of tropical fish took hold. Before that happened, I had gotten a book on one desire that would not come to be since I couldn't find them anywhere for sale. Well, the next year tropical fish and frogs and other small critters were my preferred hobby and after another year or two there were no houseplants to be found in my room, but instead about six 10 gallon tanks, a 20 gallon tank of cichlids, a 29 gallon tank for my Oscar, and a 55 gallon tank for my beloved pet large mouth bass. I slowly got out of those hobbies too, and slowly back into plants but not as intensely.

When I hit about 14 or 15 years old, I had found that old book on orchids, and on the last page was a picture of Psychopsis papillio. My mom said she worked with a guy in the lab that grew orchids and asked him if he could find me one. Sure enough, a month later I had the most interesting plant my eyes had ever seen...and it wasn't even in bloom. We went to the local orchid society meeting the same month and it was over for me when the Psychopsis bloomed the next month. The orchids started to pile in along with books on them, then the internet got big and info was everywhere. Since then I've had an unsatiable thirst for orchids and knowledge on them.

I always did well in high school, and at the time was convinced I wanted to get my PhD in Biology or Botany and had all these ideas of my future before I graduated high school. My first year in college was complete reality shock, and the part I get from my dad kicked in and I hated being around so many people. By the second year a girl I knew well from high school was a freshman at the same college and we spent a lot of time together. That wasn't in the cards and when that ended I got just passing grades until the school year was over. That summer I moved out to a huge six bedroom mansion out in the country with a few friends and did the party central thing for a summer and never went back to school in the fall. The party house thing fell through for obvious reasons, and I started working for a living and have done it all since then jobwise. From dishwashing to hanging billboards, cooking to data entry, production line to stock name it, I probably made a few dollars doing it.

About a year ago, one of my best friends started working for a small water damage restoration company and got me and a couple friends jobs there. They've since weeded out our employees so it's just us, the group of friends who pretty much run the place. The money is great, and better than what most of my friends who graduated college is, but the work can be very unenviable. If someones carpets need cleaned it's a good day. If someones sewage line backflows and fills their basement with a foot of raw sewage that's a bad day. If we have to do three sewage jobs and five clean water losses...that's today and thank god it's over. My schedule can be anywhere. I haven't worked the last three days and today put in a 16 hour day. Hopefully tomorrow is not a repeat.

Obviously orchids and plants are a big part of my spare time now, and recently other hobbies have popped up. In the last year, my interest in fish has been renewed, especially since I now have the money to do it right. It started with a rescuee Betta from WalMart and a few conversations with Park Bear about Killifish and is ending who knows where. In the last couple of months, my friend from work talked me into trying a saltwater tank and my new reef tank is my current money pit. I'm ashamed to say in the last couple of weeks I've probably logged more hours on the Reef Forums than I have the Orchids ones. I almost fear what the future holds...I just hope I win the lottery so I can support it.

I left a lot out, but I still probably typed more than anyone cares to read. The party years I left out as well, they would make a GREAT read, but I save those stories for when we're fishing. Besides, some of the stories aren't very appropriate for an orchid forum.

Ferrari Modulo History
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I'm finding this thread really interesting. It's great seeing the variety. The orchid society back home was mainly just old ladies talking about their floofy catts. No offense to any of our old ladies, though! Much offense to floofy catts, however.
Jon in SW Ohio said:
I left a lot out, but I still probably typed more than anyone cares to read. The party years I left out as well, they would make a GREAT read, but I save those stories for when we're fishing. Besides, some of the stories aren't very appropriate for an orchid forum.


That's the stuff that got me kicked out of hunter and placed me on an extended 6 year program :poke:

Tien - Let's trade, I want to move out of New York.
Jon in SW Ohio said:
The party years I left out as well, they would make a GREAT read, but I save those stories for when we're fishing. Besides, some of the stories aren't very appropriate for an orchid forum.


Looks like we need to plan a fishing trip with Jon one day.

I am really enjoying learning more about/getting to know everyone. Fascinating stories; find me wishing you were all a little closer, but I suppose that's part of what makes us a diverse group.
If you have your passport we can go next week. I have been personally invited to Ecuador, so we could make it a holiday.
Ecuador? Go in January, I should be back down there agian at that time.
Kyle, you snuck in on me. I didn't realize you had joined. Kyle and I are going to be in Ecuador in January. Who else wants to go? How is the beer down there Kyle?
PHRAG said:
Kyle, you snuck in on me. I didn't realize you had joined. Kyle and I are going to be in Ecuador in January. Who else wants to go? How is the beer down there Kyle?

Did someone mention Ecuador?
Heather said:
No kidding? Are you really going??

You know, if I have a free credit card by then, I will. What the hell. You only live once right? Let's do it! Who wants to take a board fieldtrip to Ecuador???

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