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Aug 19, 2007
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Catskill, N.Y.
Hi All,

My name is Tom, I am the youngest of 6 (2sisters & 3 brothers). I live in Catskill NY. I,ve been here almost all my life. I have tried the marriage thing 2x's both ended in divorce. I don't have any kids. I have a wonderful girlfriend that I meet @ work, Wal-Mart 3rd shift overnights. We are working together to open up an orchid nursery & all natural lotions shampoos ect. Hopfully we can open it by the end of this year.

I started growing orchids about 6-7 years ago the 1st one was a slipper from a local nursery, I started breeding them soon after that, I have received 2 of my own hybrids approx. 300 seedlings. I have about 20 more with Troy Meyers in various stages waiting to germinate to completely reflasked. I have another 25++ seed pods at home waiting to mature.


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