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I have the following available, slippers,all are from Chuck Acker, except where noted.
wallisii 'Rapunzel' x kovachii 'TupacAmaru' -sdlg.2 1/2- 3"pots abt. 8"l.s. $75
Magdalene Rose 'Mother'4N x wallisii - sdlgs. 3"pot abt 9"l.s.NBS $6 or 4 plant mini compot $15. The pic is Mag.Rose x caudatum, just opening, expect to be similar.

Demetria x Barbara LeAnn -BS 2gr.3 1/2"pot $14, expect long petaled pinks.
Apple Pie (Mag.Rose x bess.'Paute') -BS 1 lg gr. $14. This is a sib I have, there was also an awarded sib on first bloom in April.

Lebaudyanum 'Album' - an old cross of philippinense x haynaldianum but in this case Chuck remade it using album parents on both sides.$8 sdlg.3"pot abt.2yrs.from blooming.
Larry Booth - is this a 'Booth' you haven't heard of? St. Swithin 'Patti'AM/AOS x haynaldianum, sounds good to me! 4'pot 7-8"l.s. abt 2yrs.bloom.
Delenatii - BS 3-3 1/2"pot $8.
Sandy's Wild Turkey - (lowii'HighPass'4N x victoria regina'MonsoonGiant'4N). This sounded like a scrumptious cross & then I saw one at an orchid show!from Monsoon flora - split the compot with me? 10 plants 2-3 1/2" l.s. $22.
Zygo.Bluebird - this is the second time it bloomed this year! Currently 4 flowers or take the one that's not in bloom!

Onc. Twinkles 'white' - cute, fragrant, floriforous 3 1/2" pot $10
Masd. Mardi Gras x floribunda - cute little purple flowers, free flowering & lots of them. Recently divided 2 1/2"pot starting to spike $10
Pictures available, PM or [email protected].
Thanks for the interest, I've responded to your PM's.
What's available -
wallisii x kovachii
Mag Rose x wallisii
& the Masd.
decisions! Isn't it nice to have choices? You can compare & decide what you want most. I'm not going anywhere!
I do have more Lebaudyanum, Larry Booth, Mag. Rose. I've offered the biggest at this point in time.
I hear ya! There was an orchid GH in Michigan that was going out of business - 1/2 price sale - the locals were buying things left & right at the regular price BEFORE the sale ever started. Hausermann's open house - people are in the door 1 1/2 hrs before posted opening time!
I'd be interested in the Lebaudyanum, Larry Booth, Mag. Rose and the masdie. I'll PM you, too.
I'd be interested in the Lebaudyanum, Larry Booth, Mag. Rose and the masdie. I'll PM you, too.
All the larger Lebaudyanum are spoken for, I'd prefer to hold on to the smaller ones, they look great, had good roots when I potted them, but they are half the size. I got these out of Chuck's production trays so there will be variances in size.
You've got the last Larry Booth for now. These have been great, fun seedlings - in less than 3 months time they doubled in size!
Chuck really feels that with the right conditions (keep them on the warm side, keep them actively growing, so no short winter days) they should both be blooming size in 2yrs! My feeling was the Lebaud being album, it would be slower, he didn't seem to think so and when they're next door to weeds like Larry, they will look slower!
The Mag.Rose x wallisii are also weeds, AH such nice weeds!
You'll love the masdie! I bought it from an SOF member that was cutting back on his number of plants. It was overgrown, looked potbound (maybe that's the secret) in a 2 1/2"pot & at the tail end of blooming & I mean loaded with blooms! 3 weeks ago I literally divided it in half, it still looks crowded but it's starting to spike! The size of the blooms are small but the sheer numbers it will throw at one time is something else. He said it was free blooming & it goes on like this thru out the year!
Thanks for the interest, PM me with your zip & I can check on shipping costs.
Rose, I PM'ed you with details. Sorry for all the attempts at communication through multiple channels.

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