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Charles have you thought about doing a book on orchids of your region? The efforts you make to photograph should certainly be documented.

Hello Hera,
I had thought a little bit, but Tom Nelson is about to put out a book on native orchids of new england and he has come up to central ny to take pictures, and a few of my pictures are in his new book which I think is just about finished. There are also two handbooks or guides of new england native orchids. I guess someone could do a book of new york state native orchids, but I don't know if others would already have done it better than myself.... I know a lot of people have told me that my images have been better than many they've seen in a lot of native orchid books. I have a very nice native orchid educational display that I put in the local orchid society shows, though even that I haven't been able to put in two of the nearby shows the last two years because they are both in early spring, and our work situation is bad where we are often working all weekend for a number of weekends, so I can't make the trip to drop off/pick up the display. Everybody likes the display, it's just that it is heavy and needs to be hauled here and there, and the price of gas is coming down a little now...

I would like to do a nice addition to our orchid society website by having a large online educational display which features native orchids from new york state. spring/summer isn't the time when I can do it, but fall/winter ends up being more open.

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