Short vs tall pots for Phrags

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ditto on shallow... azalea 'profile' pots for larger plants... and true for all the 'water loving' species and hybrids
What size lava rock are you using?
I'm sorting it to size and use pieces about 1/2 - 3/4" in size. Larger chunks at the bottom, smaller chunks to the top. Those I have transplanted look to be happily sending out new roots. Time will tell...

I punch a hole in the side of the yogurt tub about 1" from the bottom so there is a reservoir of water at the bottom. Good quality LECA would work just as well (perhaps better) but lava rock is much cheaper and easier to come by for me. Plants are getting K-lite once a week with a mid-week flush with my tap water (GH 4).

My lovely Lynne siblings are all in five inch aquatic pots. The netting sides give added access to air.
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Morning Monocotman,

Have you posted seperately with more details on your set up? Super interested to learn more as I am reviewing my substrate for phrags as it becomes harder to get good quality bark media in UK.
If we had less Phrags, or more room, I would grow on wide trays. For stolonous growth, you can air-layer then divide off and plant the new growths.
I have been moving some of my Phrags to the squaty clay orchid pots that they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. They seem to like it and are growing well.
Most phrags I grow have besseae in the background. Because many of those have an annoying habit of growing upward, I like taller pots to accommodate that better.