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Adam, you are a good role model. I'd like to weed my collection down to the plants I want, but my problem is that so far, I want all of them!
I'm no role model. Simply a guy who overextended himself to the point of stress. I've done it before to watch my collection waste away before my eyes. I am trying to avoid this pattern. Especially since I've honed so well this time. I hate walking in to my grow room and being overwhelmed by things to do, plants to tend to, etc...

My grow space is supposed to be a peaceful oasis, not loosely organized chaos. I will not let it become a chore to water, refill humidifier, sweep and sanitize, etc... Because it's taking away from the enjoyment of my hobby. It's time to get back to basics, to be thankful for what I have and enjoy what I have not vicariously through society meetings, shows, and most of all, you all! So thank you all for kind words and encouragement. And to all the naysayers and enablers, there will be a right time and place for purchases again, one day. I hope to stay true to my word. The worst promise to break is one to yourself.
You can do it Adam. I did it a couple of years ago and haven't had any
regrets. I'm down to less than 200 and have much more time to enjoy
the plants that I have...and my greenhouse is cleaner and more organized.
I also loved the chase of hunting down the phal species I didn't have, and would scour the Internet to find out where I could find things. I had planned on buying and trading up to the highest quality that start making seedlings and selling them. Life kept happening along with poor repotting decisions and landlords renovating and such, along with always the most favorite plants dying first, and a strong lack of interest after multiple moves to set up plant carts again

Searching and acquiring was definitely a big part of it

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i also promised myself that i was going to restrict my purchasing new plants, but then I found a way around that promise, ... i just set up a flasking operation. Now I have kept my promise to myself, but have thousands of seedlings starting to grow. Not to sure what I am going to do in a years time! So many plants and so little space (and time to attend to them!):eek:
2 out for 1 in (to preventing hoarding)
Just re-direct your collecting impulses elsewhere. Not having a greenhouse, it's a pain to water in the winter the plants in the kitchen sink. The great thing with outdoor orchids (cyps, calanthe, bletillas), no work in the winter! Alas, I don't think there are "winter dormant" paphs where one stops watering.
I'm at a good place now, about 36 windowsill plants. they still make me happy to have them. I think it's a good place to stop, at leas for awhile.
I think it is a good idea to limit new acquisitions. There is no need for new plants unless you're replacing dead ones, trading extra plants, have found that plant you've been wanting for years, have found a really good deal on some nice plants, have located a great new cross, have located a rare species, have found a clone better than the one you already have, need to save one from sure death at the hands of a friend or you see one at a show that would make a perfect gift for your spouse who doesn't grow orchids. Other than these exceptions and perhaps a few others, I agree completely.

I had a problem with space. I don't have a green house, I don't have any grow lights (My husband would complain about the light bill). I've limited my collection to only slipper orchids. I have one phal that someone gifted me, other than that I have only phrags and paphs. The other orchids are neat but sticking to one group of orchids has made culture easier. I don't have to juggle their requirements. I now have really healthy slippers instead of a mix of different types of orchids hanging on for existence. I have a small collection 25 orchids and my husband still calls me a plant hoarder. (I just arrange for orchids to be delivered when he's not home. It makes life easier:p)
A tactic that I am using right now, is to only buy a plant that I see in person and that is in bloom. Which greatly reduces my options for spending. And sometimes the image in my head of an orchid bloom is not as beautiful as what it actually is in person, or vice versa. So now if I see a gorgeous blooming plant I can afford to buy it!
(I just arrange for orchids to be delivered when he's not home. It makes life easier:p)

Lucky for me, my husband has more expensive hobby. When I spend too much on orchids - I just softly remind him how much his equipment costs.;)
I cant' downsize my collection, I'd rather win Lotto to buy 10hectares for my tiny greenhouse.

My husband is quite understanding, he promised me a Phrag dalessandroi for our anniversary.
Win+ win. You get another orchid and he gets away not too expensive for Anniversary.

I'm forced to slow down shopping since this is the main season for the sport I play. I got one orchid from Tenis's space-making sale, i ordered some flasks from Peruflora, i have some new Paphs coming in, J&L sale is open July 4th holiday so I will get a few there. :eek: On the good side I didn't bid on the OZ phrags or B. Costello's stuff on eBay lately. This Shopaholic problem is a serious issue!