Shall we meet at WOC?

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I can't wait to meet you Ernie.
That Erika Potent I got from you will surely bloom
even better than the HCC it was awarded last year.
I'll be judging also, but wont arrive until 0800 on the day
of judging. I'll have to get my registration packet and go
straight to the judging area. Maybe we'll be on the same team.

Plus, some of us could storm the Krull Smith booth and say
hey to Frank as well.

I also will be there from Sunday to Sunday.
Be judging on Tuesday.
See you there

Isaias n Rolando
My wife and I will be there Fri. & Sat. Hope we can hook up
I just mite have beer with also. Jim.
I will be at the WOC tomorrow. I can meet you at 1PM at Krull-Smith booth.
Unfortunately I won't be able to be there.
I checked but there is no bus here that stops in Miami. :)

Have a good time.

I hope to see some photos...

Yeah, Ramon looks like that. Met WolfDog1 today too. Gotta get dressed up for the preview party...


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