Shall we meet at WOC?

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Should we have a SlipperTalk gathering at WOC to put some faces to names? Maybe before/after one of the slipper lectures we'll all be attending?

Yes! But in typical New Yorker fashion, I'm only flying in for the day. Lunch maybe!?!?
["Let's do lunch, I'll have my people contact your people." :poke:]
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Me and Jason will be there from Friday to Sunday. What days will the rest of you all be there? I know Jason is giving a talk (and I am on reserve in case somone cancels).

We'll be there for the long haul. Will check in on Monday and out on Sunday.

I will be there only for the day on Wednesday.
I hope I can see some of you guys.

As I have mentioned earlier that I will be there for a whole week. I look somewhat like this picture with darker brown hair and chinky eyes ( without the cat of course).


See you there!