Scaphosepalum swetifolium

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
This beautiful Columbian mountaine cloud forest species has been blooming it's little heart out all year. It blooms sucessively all year. It is a warm to cool grower in fairly low light.
I have breve, medinae, and a nice verucosa that do great for me. I also have a fimbriata that's about my favourite, but its kinda touchy about temps and humidity.
Nice. I have a Pleuro and a Masd. in bloom now and I love them. I may try to get a few more ultrasonic foggers so I can buy more and put them over a tray of water. I had the chance to get some large scaphosepalums when a NYC grower/vendor left his Brooklyn loft but got some large Pleuro's instead because I was not sure I could sustain the Scapho's. [I.e. limited budget!] I wish I could have gotten them all.
I just went to Andy's and they have a lot of them for sale...

I need to hold back because of Christmas time, but I bet I'll get a few as a present to myself.
Ron-NY said:
I have admired fimbriata but that is a cool temp one, yes?

It's the most sensitive of the scaphs I have. It produces nice big leaves during the winter (in my house orchidarium), but during the summer (even regulating the house temps to keep the box below 85), it produces small spotted leaves with short life spans. Otherwise I've had it for about 3 years.

It blooms frequently, it sends out creeping spikes out of the sides of the basket or just at the base of the plant that ramble around below the level of the plant.