S/H Why is it hit or miss with indoor growers?

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Candace, in my opinion, you're better off to use a larger-volume watering method and just rapidly fill the pot to the top.

That's good, I'll stick with my hose flushings. There's no way I can plug up holes with my fingers, anyway! They're so crammed in together!
I've been growing orchids for 40+ years. At one time, bark was considered a controversial potting material! For me , S/H allows a good fit for the way I want to grow orchids. I grow indoors, in basement, under HID lighting. Use RO water and water with a hose (floor drains). Everything gets watered every 5-7 days. Most prosper, some don't. Paphs, Phals, Catts, et.al. Community pots to full blooming size, aproximately 500 plants. As Ray commented, whole picture is very important. If I had to grow on a windowsill... well, that just wouldn't happen; just isn't a good fit for me.

Ken Brewer

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