Rlc Westfieldensis

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For anyone curious, this is a primary hybrid between Rhyncholaelia glauca and Cattleya crispata. It's not a hybrid I'm familiar with, which is why I looked it up.

I'd love to see some photos of the foliage. Is this a pretty small / compact grower? And most importantly, is it fragrant?
it’s not small. Will get pics tomorrow. don’t think it is fragrant but it could be as my illness ithat I have had is respitory. will also take a good sniff tomorrow. I had looked it up also. dates to 1907. this is first year it has bloomed twice. Love that frilly lip.
Yeah, I think it's an attractive flower, especially because it's something different. If it's fragrant, I'd assume it will only be fragrant in the evening after the lights go out like B. glauca.