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I really like your taste in Catts. and cats. Wish I could see more of the cat behind, but that's
a lovely tail!

Thanks abax! This cat really has a character - quite a nice character, and can be cheeky sometimes. I do have some nice pics from another site --- and can add the link here --- link.

Some of the pics are quite funny ----- like this one here --- link1

And a cute one here : link2
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Love your kitty photos!

J1M ----- thanks for visiting that area, and for letting me know that you enjoyed seeing the pics of ginger cat! She is quite playful --- and loves to roll around - side to side on brick floor surfaces. She likes rolling around in sand too --- but that could be similar to what some birds too .... like sand bath - for dealing with mites etc haha. I do give her flea/mite and worm treatments regularly though.
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I enjoyed the photos of ginger cat enormously. I have four dogs, one killer "showed up
here" cat that's mostly Maine Coon and a parrot that refuses to speak English. Our
companions are a reflection of ourselves.
Thanks for mentioning you have pets too abax! I like dogs too. We have four dogs here too .... but not mine ...... 2 dogs on one neighbour's side, and 2 on the other side hahaha. One pair of dogs are always on the look-out for me ----- as when I head outside to feed my cat, one of them always barks --- meaning 'I want some too' hahaha. So every once in a while, I have to throw some cat biscuits over the fence ----- and both dogs love the cat biscuits, although each one is tiny --- eg. 6 square mm maybe .... so I got to throw a handful. Although ---- it is taxing on the bag of cat biscuits heheheh. That's great how you have a killer cat and a parrot too!!!!!!