Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown and Rlc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral'

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Oct 25, 2018
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North Queensland, Australia
These pics were fairly recently taken - the chartreuse (greeny-yellow) coloured flower is a Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown, and the other purply/pink one is Rlc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral'. Both still in flower/bloom at the moment. Had some heavy rain recently that blew the water onto the flowers. No bad effect on them though. They dry out fairly quickly.

Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown_2_15-Apr2021.jpg

Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown_3_15-Apr2021.jpg

Rlc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral'_1_20-Apr2021.jpg

Rlc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral'_17-Apr2021.jpg

Rlc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral'_15-Apr2021.jpg
A comparison pic - for Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown ---- taken from a previous flowering last year - when the bud(s) developed without full sun blazing down on (and possibly warming up) the buds every day. More pink colour in the lip from the last flowering - bubble gum!!! So - maybe - cooler buds - more colour for cases like this.

Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown2_25-Dec2020.jpg

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