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Hi everyone!!!

Just wondering, is it safe to repot paphs just before winter sets in? I plan on bringing them inside the house and have been growing outside over summer.

Am growing in CHC and perlite and i just want to put them in different pots (the ones with the slits down the sides) and check that the roots are growing ok.

What do you think? So will stay outside but the warmer growing ones will stay inside for a few months or so.

I mainly have Parvi's and Brachy's.

MOST of the time, paphs can be repotted regardless of season. I just repot them when I see that they need it, although I avoid repotting in the heat of the summer unless its an emergency (like the usual squirrel atrocity...). I also avoid repotting paphs in bud, but they usually make it without a problem. You mentioned parvi's and brachy' all means, just repot the parvi's. They will do fine....I, however, find brachy's problematical....on the one hand, they probably have the greatest need for repotting of any paph, yet, in my experience, they also seem to resent repotting more than any other paph. So, I usually repot brachy's with lots of extra aerating material (spongerock, lava rock, etc...) and avoid repotting until I feel its absolutely necessary. Take care, Eric
Thanks Eric, I will try to take extra care. It's going to be an interesting winter for the Brachy's as I've never grown them over this season. First time I've bought then and it was during spring.

The Parvi's should be ok fingers crossed. But some are slighly overpotted and I want to get them into something a bit smaller.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.