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Jun 2, 2015
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I was just listening to a Norman Feng video, and he said that you should never repot Rotschidianum until after Easter. Are there similar rules for other types of Paphs? I know that you must look for new root growth in the case of most orchids, but some, like Phragmipediums can be repotted at any time. Also, what about new growth as opposed to "roots." I mean the starts of new leaf-sets. Is there any rule about potting/not potting when you see new growth? Thanks!
I am not that well-versed on rothschildianum, by itself, but the best time to repot any plant is just as new roots are emerging, which usually coincides with new growths in paphs. Tying it specifically to a season might be a decent generalization, but not a particularly reliable one.

As roots grow, their cellular structure becomes optimized for functioning in that environment. Once they have grown, they cannot change. Move those roots into a different environment - a new potting medium or even a fresh version of the current, broken-down one - and the existing roots are immediately sub-optimal, so will begin to fail, with the rate determined by just how different the "new" and "old" pot conditions are.

If the plant is actively growing new roots, they will grow optimized for the new conditions and support the plant while the old ones go away.

If, however, you really need to repot at the "wrong" time, or you risk losing the plant altogether, by all means do so, but just keep the plant in moderate temperatures, high humidity (to slow transpirational losses) and shady - i.e., "super comfortable" - and it'll recover fine. Treating it with a biostimulant like Kelpak certainly helps.

That all said, in my experience, most paphs seem to go into a growth spurt after repotting, and it doesn't seem to matter much when that is done.

I just got a few Rotschildianum crosses so I was more interested in that kind of information, but then I compared what I have seen with people who buy an orchid then "automatically" repot. Phrags will take this kind of abuse, but other orchids are more touchy, and it is better to wait until new roots start, just to be safe. (I mean just to not kill the plant, they are expensive.)
Well, just how does the Roth know it was Easter? Lol
Just substitute Spring for Easter and you have a winner!
I repot a lot of things in the Spring, March and April. If an orchid grower has a pronounced Winter with cooler temperatures and significantly shorter day length, that is not the time to repot. But I like the Spring, warmer temperatures, longer days and a time of new plant leads, that is when to repot.
I have about 2/3 of my Phrag. collection repotted now. I will be finished by April 1st. Under lights I upped the hours from 10 per day to 12 per day for them. Now when the nights warm enough, generally by Mother’s Day in SE Michigan, they will head outdoors to benches of dappled sunshine.
They will be followed by my Cattleyas.
Any Cattleya of mine with a strong bifoliate influence gets repotted ONLY when I see new root growth.
My Phalaenopsis will get repotted from mid May until July 1st.
My guess is that the specific roth advice is meant to avoid repotting during the peak of their bloom season, which is usually Feb-May in North America. If you repot a mature plant during that timeframe you might risk blasting the developing buds. Of course, the bloom period is only a rough guide, I have one roth that consistently spikes in July. I think you’d be safe repotting any roth that isn’t blooming size before Easter, or a mature plant if you are confident it isn’t going to spike that year. With the lengthening days, my roths have already kicked their growth into high gear.
True, plants do not know about "religious holidays" however, I think he was giving a time we mere mortals can remember not to pot before. It is kind of like labor day and white pants. Phrags can be potted at any time. They are pretty chill orchids. I would not try to repot before the new root growth started. Kind of hard to check because they are not out in the open like Phals.
Oh? I thought he was one of the "Gods" of Orchidom? I do know his staff has a hard time filling out orders. And if they get it wrong, it's deny, deny deny for 3 months.
But I got a good plant from him recently-- I gave him a second chance. And, I've never gotten one without roots. Actually, they have all been good plants (that one time, it was the "wrong" plant, not a bad plant.)
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"Oh, dear me! Might they have lost their roots by having been repotted the wrong side of Easter? 😁"
Yeah, I just saw that post. Nope the plants I got from his company (only 2) are perfectly fine, the roots are good. I've had a plant from Normans since 2016 and it's fine. I've been tempted (after reading that) to check the roots, but I don't want to repot today and it is firm in its mix. I'm going to wait to get some medium orchiata anyway.