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Wanted Quintal Farms Connection

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Yes, I have.

Michael started as a customer of mine, and he has told me that his reselling of plants was copied from how First Rays got started.

I placed an order for a couple of phrags, one being a kovachii hybrid, QF Haila, but when it bloomed, it was obviously not correctly labeled. I suspect the two labels were simply swapped, but he sent me a replacement anyway.
Hi there - I have a few of their phrags in stock right now, most of them in bud. Dm me and I’ll get you a list. Currently in the Philippines but i can ship when I’m back in a week or so ✌🏻
I am looking for a few Phrags from Quintal Farms, especially Phrag QF Honey. Can anyone point me in the right direction of vendors or others who purchase regularly from QF?
I bought mine from ecuagenera paid $30 for blooming size n the spike is out any day now