Cattleya dormaniana

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Mar 30, 2020
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It is rare to see this species in cultivation in Canada. It can only produce 1 flower per stem (my favourite flower number count, so rewarding!) Both of my Cattleya dormaniana are blooming now. The one on the left (curvy flower) is a rescue plant I received 4-5 years ago. Last year, bloomed for the first time, this is the second blooming. This plant is originally from Tokyo Nursery. The plant on the right is the first bloom. I purchased this plant 4-5 years ago. The plant is originally from Quintal Farm. I have a few plants from Quintal Farm and the plant quality are all very good. The brown stuff is cinnamon to prevent the cat from eating the orchid.

Gee, cinnamon works for that? Good to
know. My Rosie does not bother my orchids. She does nibble on softer house plants.
I like the darker flower, better shape!! Nice job growing those beauties!!! 👍👍👍

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