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Wogga said:
Im not sure this is the right section to post this, but something caught my attention. I found selling selfings of sanderianum rapunzel. anyone know anything about them??


I know John, the proprietor. He is based in Canada (near Windsor), and is an AOS judge in the same center I'm in. Sells good plants. I've purchased wholesale from him and was quite pleased with the plants I got. His prices on the website always seemed a little high, but that is Canadian dollars. The plants I've seen him sell at shows (in Canada) are very high quality plants, so it is probably worth paying a bit more.

They have been breeding sanderianum for a long time, so I'm sure those 'Rapunzel' progeny are of good quality.
I know John as well. Great guy, fantastic judge and he sells wonderful plants...I know, I've bought several from him. A bit pricey but most times worth it.
I've never seen his plants in person, but it looks like they have some nice Disas. Last time I checked, they don't export Paphs to the USA :( so I haven't checked their website in a while.

- Matt
I talked to John a while back. His plants are a bit pricey. I know a few people who bought plants from him. He told be that sanderianum culture seems to affect the length of the petals.
I have bought from them in the past as well, sometimes they have very good deals, like $20 besseaes last fall. I never got any as I was about to leave for Ecuador, but thats a great price. The plants are excellent and the packaging is great.

I plan on ordering the tigrinum x henryanum and a phrag sargintianum from them later this summer.

The divisions are pretty expensive.
Just remember that Phrag sargentianum gets very large and the flower spikes are very long.

I know, I have kaiateurum and linleyanum. I need sargentianum to complete my set... They say blooming size, so it should arrive as a large plant.