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I'm not especially familar with the Taiwanese orchid societies. I think that it was Stephen who mentioned that the TPS is pretty selective about awarding plants... how does TOGA compare? When it comes to Paphs, I mean... I don't care about those other orchids for the moment.

Perhaps a better way to say it would be this: would you be more proud to get an AOS award on a paph, a TPS award, or a TOGA award?

Any input in this area would be appreciated.

As Ever,
Matthew Gore

Here's some information that I know:

There's some overlap as to the judges judging paphs for TOGA/TPS award
(not sure about differences in judging system, but TOGA judging protocol was available in downloadable PDF format at the TIOS website, both in Chinese and English)

At a single judging event, TOGA and TPS awards aren't awarded simultaneously.

From personal communication with a few paph breeders (two to be exact), they think the TOGA/TPS paph judging standards are stricter than that of AOS.

Hope that helps :)
Personally, I always prefer a TOGA! They're very easy to shed at a party... should the need arise! :evil:

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