Producing my own seaweed fertilizer!!

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Aug 4, 2017
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Hi guys,
since the difficulty I have for getting all those excellent seawwed available in Amazon, Ebay, etc, I have decided to produce my own natural food for my Paphs. Today woke up early in the morning and went to Guanabo beach, in the north coast of Havana. The last cold front teared some Sargassum out and I collected the more possible. At home I washed all material with water for eliminate all that sand and salts and introduced them later in a plastic battle with water, waiting they decay, and in three month (Crossing fingers), hope to get my own seaweed fertilizer. How this is very new for me, I accept all kind of suggestions, please.
Here some pics of the job.
Good luck in this endeavor.

Did you check if this is the kelp species uses in plant preparations?

Also soak maybe overnight to remove more salts, and rinse many many times. Too much sodium is not good.
Did you check if this is the kelp species uses in plant preparations?
Yes Leslie, I have been loocking for information and found that one of those used in the industry it is Sargassum, that I have collected. I washed them gently. During the last rinse, water begun to stain in brown, so considered it enough.
For use as a fertilizer, the seaweed must be decomposed, as it’s within the structure of the plant that most of the nutrients are stored. That does by crushing or cooking it, so I suppose fermentation might work as well. Some is even digested in lye. It is then often dried and ground.

If the goal is to extract the organic components, those methods degrade them significantly, so other methods are employed to burst the cells.

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