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Just call me Tom
Jan 12, 2008
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Kyushu, Japan; warm temperate/subtropical climate
I've been growing this plant since 2005. Nearly lost it a few years back due to extreme neglect, but it proved to be surprisingly resilient. It came with the label, H. militaris x H. erichmichelli, so I'm calling it H. rhodochelia x H. erichmichelli. Certainly a shocking splash of color.


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How do you grow this? Presumably not outside year round.
Yes, this one comes in for winter. I think I left it out one year well into December and it survived. Of course by then it is fully dormant and we don't usually get any freezes until after Christmas. If I ever build a greenhouse (maybe sometime this year or next?), I probably can overwinter it in there, along with many other tropicals. We are so close to the subtropics that an unheated greenhouse can sustain most frost sensitive stuff 90% of the time.
That would make it Habenaria Tracey, assuming the "militaris" really was a rhodocheila, and not that giant-flowered undescribed species with dendritic tuberoids.

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