Possibly the rarest Phrag in Australia

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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
Phrag exstaminodium


Very nice!

It may be the rarest Phrag in the world. Its habitat in extreme southeast Mexico is rapidly being clear-cut and not many are in cultivation.

that is one of my absolute favorite phrags, but then again, i like freaky things...
i've tried to find one up here, but to no avail...
Several flasks of P. extaminodium went from Paphanatics in California to Australia. (back in 1997-1999, I was involved tangentially with making sure the pod ended up at a Lab that could produce seed) I never owned the parent plant, only visited it at the home of a 'collector'. Only one plant produced the seed. There are progeny in the midwest, new york, missouri and california as far as I have been able to track. Even though only one plant was brought in, its progeny are still around. I doubt there are many - if any, jungle collected plants left in cultivation. A fiendishly difficult species to keep going over the long term. You might do fine for a few years. Then decline and death set in.
If you have one, baby it.
Hi Leo - Well still have 6 plants here thanks to you but

they don't seem to be able to give any seed -have podded two as you told me with ph balance way back when - lost one plant completely after flowering and seeding -the one we seeded last season has flowered again this year but only 1 flower not too healthy so we've opted not to seed this year . we will continue to grow our plants on -but like you said are hard to keep going - other plants are 2-3 growths now but no spikes only one flowered this season . your notes has been read a million times -to ensure we keep it alive . nice to see your name up on the board .
Billie western aust
Hey Billie,
Good to see your post too. I had computer problems recently, lost some of my old emails. Glad you still have a couple plants. Talk with Marilyn Ledoux. I saw her plants last month and they looked pretty good. She might have better insight than I do. You can contact her through her website.