Pod: (villosum x Orchilla 'Chilton' FCC/AOS)

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evil genius
Jul 11, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
So I had this exceptional villosum in bloom last December. I asked you all what to cross it with, of my available pod parents, and the vote went to Paph. Orchilla 'Chilton' FCC/AOS. And now the pod is nearing maturity!

So, a few questions:

1. When do you suppose this pod will mature?

2. Is anybody here interested in flasking this cross? I emailed the breeder of the villosum, and did not receive a response.

3. Alternately, do any of you know any breeders who might be interested in the pod?

Here's some info on the villosum pollen parent:

P. villosum ('Candor XL' AM/AOS x 'Marriott Colorburst'). N.S. 9.2cm across, 14cm tall (dorsal to synsepal). Very glossy, good substance. Pretty freakin' nice for a first bloom still in a 2.25" pot!

Sue, you will need to hold the pod for 9 months. Watch it from about 8 months. The flower end of the pod looks like it is turning to a yellow color "after" the 9 mths, the seed inside ( hopefully ) should be mature enough for 'green pod' harvesting.
I would love the pod but I'm a bit far away to collect it.
Nurseries that bulk grow for the pot plant trade may be interested but a cross that could hold interesting results.
Love the villosum !!!
No promises, but if I can get my lab running in the next couple months I'd be happy to flask it for you. That project is a high priority, but getting the greenhouse remodel done is higher...
Hey - thanks all! I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier; for some reason the automatic reply notification thing didn't work.

Roy: Thanks! I will keep an eye out starting at the end of this month!

paphreek: I may end up PMing you for recs, but I was hoping to find someone interested in the cross, and then requesting a few (or even just options on a few) back to raise to bloom myself.

Rob: Hey, yeah, let me know. Or I'll check in when it looks ready to go.
Orchilla "Chilton"

Nice to know Orchilla is still being used!
We produced it in 1960, Chilton was the village where the original Ratcliffe nursery was, and it only got an AM at the RHS.
Originally we used it a lot. It was always a good pod parent but we found normally the pollens were no good.
There is a very nice cross where P. bellatulum was used.
P. villosum has always been one of our favourite in pot plant breeding.
Should give lots of seed. If your lab. can sow green pod you ought to have better success. Certainly around 8 months should be fine.
I contacted kelsey creek labs about flasking my dry seed.... http://www.kelseycreeklabs.com/ it was recommended by one of the users on here....they offer "bags" to put over the seed pod to collect it ect ect and their fees do not seem to out of reason...you might want to have them flask it for you and then sell the extra flasks on here :D I would sure contact them though


That's a great dorsal on the villosum, one of the flattest I've seen from the strain. The next blooming will be a far larger flower if the plants matures well. Great color and form as well!