Plants Update After 8 weeks’ Absence

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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
I might have shared it before. When I go away for over 2 weeks at a time, I put my orchids (and any other plants) in large semi-clear/clear plastic thrash bags (13gallon bags work for most for me although I have used even larger bag). I have done this for many vacations I took over the years and it has never let me down.
I just got back this week from my longest absence at 8 weeks.
Plants inside the bags were perfectly fine as expected.
I share (hangianum x leucochilum) in low spike with two new growths popping up. My giant malipoense with its new growth showing & a spike holding a bud. The bud did look a bit tired but I harvested the pollen.
Gloria Naugle in spike & a new growth.
Then the past picture is of my Psychopsis papillio aureum sending up a third spike inside a bag. A few of my neos bloomed or in spike/bud. 😍IMG_1359.jpegIMG_1363.jpegIMG_1364.jpegIMG_1367.jpegIMG_1355.jpegIMG_1358.jpeg
I water and allow at least one day to dry out just a little bit before bagging them up.
Move them out of too much light. Basically a few feet away from the window that already has sheer curtains.
There were a few that I did not have the time to bag up like my (armeniacum x hangianum), leucochilum and a couple of large seedlings of (leucochilum x hanginum).
Leucochilum and (leuco x hang) seedlings looked like they were untouched by the drought! Aamzing!!
Armeniacum x hangianum looked pretty badly dehydrated. But the roots looked alive and they were both soaked all night. Over the course of about two days following the soaking, the leaves are turgid and the darker green shade of the leaves have returned. Yay!!
Thanks, everyone!
Yes, the bags must be tightly closed. That's the whole point of this, locking in the moisture preventing the plants from drying out badly if at all. The blue strings on these bags do not easily close completely and I always make sure each bag is closed as good as it can.
I learned this the hard way the first time I tried this method when one of the bags was not completely closed. Upon my return, plants in that bag were bone dry.
This method works for me too. I'm glad to read that it worked for 8 weeks as we were thinking of being away next winter for 3 weeks. Now I feel more comfortable leaving my plants "home alone". The only things I also do is spray the plants with physan 20 2 days before we leave, water well the day before we leave and turn the grow lights down to 8 hours a day the day we leave.