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Phrags and a few other orchids for sale

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I'm clearing bench space and have these flowering and large near flowering size phrags and other orchids for sale. Quanites are limited . In most cases only one of each is available , Order soon to assure your selections Prices are net as I've already included a discount for forum members. Shipping is extra and PayPal is most welcome. I'm always happy to answer questions. Email me directly at [email protected]
Happy growing from Lindafrog !
These are $10 each- flowering and near flowering size nice healthy mulit growth phrags etc.
Phrag Besseae x Robert Palm
Phrag Betheva
Phrag China Dragon
Phrag Eric Young x Sorcerers Apprentice
Phrag Giganteum
Phrag Gold Nugget
Phrag Green Giant x Maybrook
Phrag lindenii (seedling)
Phrag Mont Fallu x Wallisii
Phrag Mem Dick Clements - flavum
Phrag ritcheri x warscewiczianum
Phrag NOID (caudatum type)
Phrag NOID ( Mem Dick Clement type)
Phrag Pearci
Phrag Ritcheri x Wallisii
Also $10 Each
Catt Bob Betts "York, AM/AOS , Lc Irene Finney, BLC Time Life x Irene Finney
Catt jenmanii, Oncidium maculatum, Catt aurantica

Restrepia NOID $7.00 each or 2/$10
PS- compots of Phrag Jason Fischer are growing nicely and will be ready soon, let me know if you are interested