Phragmipedium Yelva Myhre

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It's pretty nice! We should all have such problems. (Too many nice plants)

What's the source of that one?
I would not call the issue too many plants. More like too little space ;)

This one is from Woodstream but I am guess is originated from Alfredo Manrique. One of the tags is from him nursery.
I bought one of those from them as well, but it's got a ways to go before it flowers. I bought a few from Ecuagenera as well.
I think this one turned out really well, especially for a first bloom. Good shape, nice color and texture, yummy pouch. Can’t really discern size. When it gets its full mojo, it’s going to be a stunner!!!
I’ve got a bunch of little Yelvas coming up, from Ecuagenera I think, but none have reached blooming size quite yet. Now I am really excited!
Super nice! Wish I could force my kovachii hybrids to bloom. Lots of growth, no bloom... Been increasing their light!
Very beautiful!
Just bought one of those from ecuagenera before christmas. I guess it'll take a while till blooming. Maybe even longer as my first BS Phrag Fritz S. blasted.
Here is the first blooming of my Phrag Yelva Myhre (Rosalie Dixler x kovachii). I definitely like it.

looks like a keeper :) i have a few of these from alfredo back in '15 i think....

how long has it been open? just wondering if the petal reflexing around the pouch is as prevalent as the Valenzino examples... your photo (nicely :) ) shows very little of that...
Yay besseae hybrids! Thanks for everyone sharing. Le's looks more like the color I expected. I have one from Manrique, I can't handle the price jump Ecuagenera made for these.
Beautiful colours!
Is the overlapping of the lobes of the pouch normal in Prag YM?
Jay's flower is different I think.
Nice bloomings from all.

Here was my Yelva Myre 'Bloody Mary' in bloom couple years ago when it was awarded an AM /AOS (2019) on a second flower, as a first bloom.

thumbnail_Phrag. Yelva Mehre %27Bloody Mary%27 AM AOS.jpgadc6e723-bf64-4619-a1b7-af39889f6be9.jpg

Interestingly enough, the second flower that was shown and judged was better formed than the first flower on same spike. That first flower fell off a week before judging.

The new growth is much bigger now (2.5x bigger) and I hope it will bud soon. It didn't bloom 2020. Also selected from Ecuagenera.
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All the YM's are beautiful and I'd love to have one or two. The color variation is interesting; I assume lighting makes
a big difference.
Yes the lighting changes the red tones in the flower. The first pic was taken outside in morning light under overcast clouds, while the 2nd pic was shot in bright mid-afternoon sun under a tent cover.