Phragmipedium Rouge Bouillon

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Thanks all!

Thanks, Ray! It has not been easy to find time but most of my collection has been pretty resilient with significantly less attention. Some have opted out. 😄 Thankfully my son typically sleeps through the night. So, I am able to squeeze in some orchid time after he goes to bed. Its not an ideal time but its the time that I have. Naptimes on the weekends workout sometimes.

I am looking forward to the day when I can share the hobby with my little one but that is years away. He is in the "No" "Mine" and "No. Mine" phase which also includes with an inability sit or not touch EVERYTHING. He has always been keen to explore the world around him. It is awesome to watch that desire grow with him. We encourage creativity and try to cultivate curiosity. Just not in the orchid room. I do bring certain plants out to show him and let him touch.

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