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Dec 5, 2023
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New York, NY
I'm new around here and thought I'd share a slipper I have in bloom at the moment. This is Phragmipedium Metolius River from Woodstream. This is its first spike, but the 3rd consecutive bloom on the spike with another bud forming. Happy new year, everyone!!


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I think it was really through Google searching for Phrag photos and advice, as there aren't so many resources for them online compared to other orchids!
Usually I thought besseae flavum hybrids were very hardy, Hanne Popow, Mansur La Aldea, for example. Something is going on in my growing area and seems to be affecting them adversely now. I lost 2 Metolius Rivers, a besseae flavum, a Cache la Poudre River, and a Prissy flavum!!! Everything else seems ok. ??!
BTW, you are correct about very few Phrag vendors, same with Paphs.
What a beautiful little thing! Thanks for sharing, and welcome. Your experience finding the forum is similar to mine. This forum is a deep well of knowledge that I am so thankful for!

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