Phrag. Wallisii

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Aug 26, 2006
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please click on photo to enlarge Thanks
Ray petal length is 15 " I had four flowers originally but knocked one off at the top from another plants leaves being too close .
Awewsome! This may be my favorite Phrag species. Well, it's right up there, anyway. Looks great :) I take it that you're not growing it in S/H, is that right? I've found that my long petaled hybrids don't do well that way.

- Matt
Thanks for all the great comments. I'm growing it in a bark mix. and I grow it in a tupperware container with water in it. many people say not to grow the long petaled phrags that way but I haven't had any trouble at all with them.I change the water weekly and flush the pots with clean waterand thier fine.

My Tag dosen't say the parentage. I'll have to do with out it.I won't be showing it so I will be fine.
To find the parents, you won't. This is a species Phrag. Was know as
Phrag. caudatum var Wallisii but if you refer to the Taxonomy section you will find a discussion Phrag warscewiczianum, reference is made to this Phrag wallisii,. It is now known as Phrag. popowii.
Dr. Guido Braem has written at length why this is so.
It's beautiful. Did it have long buds? I am surprised at how long the buds are on my Stairway to Heaven (popowii X wallisii). I have never seen buds shaped like that on any of my plants before.