Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

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The flower looks correct to me as well but I guess I'm surprised the plant itself isn't more "robust"
They can get to be a giant specimen in almost no time at all.
Thanks for replying Ray and KeysGuy. Agree the flower looks correct. The plant has been very vigorous throwing out many new growths but hasn’t gotten anywhere near to the size I expected…room for another plant or two I guess.
In regards to the size of the foliage, Phrag. sargentianum and particularly Phrag. longifolium are variable in size. It seems perfectly reasonable that if a compact variety or cultivar of P. longifolium was combined with a not so gigantic Phrag. sargentianum you would end up with something more manageable than the old school Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice plants that used the monster sized (and perhaps polyploid) versions of the parent species. Often you'll see vendors or breeders adding the specific variety of longifolium (ex: roezlii, gracile, etc) to their tags, but not always.
Excellent point Mrhappy.

BTW tcosta.......please do not think I was dissing your plant. I was not. Yours is obviously very nicely grown.
Thanks Mrhappy…I’m already learning. I just recall years ago when I was more serious and showings plants people struggling to carry in in massive SAs with 2 metre long spikes.
thanx for posting love the petal color and id consider yourself lucky in terms of plant stature.... id always wondered what this cross would look with a gracile as a parent.... mine from a local grower is huge....and im considering unloading it because of that.... but i have to admit that 5 flowering inflorescences that are now branching is fun...
I have a Sorcerer's Apprentice with much less coloration. Mine is extremely sensitive to temperature during bud development for color. I've always wondered abotu mine because the blooms aren't as dark as pictures I see of others. My plant is quite large. I have it in a 12" pot.
Given my limited space am glad that this plant is so compact And is indeed an SA. The current spike is on its fifth and final flower….I expected more flowers from SA??