Phrag. Sedenii 'Candidulum' AM/AOS..... maybe???

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Jun 7, 2006
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Ok, so this was a mystery phrag till today I think. I got it from a very old grower who said he got it many years ago. He had it labeled "phrag. candidulum" of which there isnt one that I could find. However, today I ran across a Phrag. Sedenii 'Candidulum' on the net that looked an awelful lot like mine, not to mention the coincidence of the name... so, whatcha think???


There is not an award for Phrag Sedenii 'Candidulum' AM/AOS.....

There is a Phrag Sedenii 'Candidum' HCC/AOS published in AQ 24 No. 1 page 52 with a black and white photo. Awarded in 1992 in California.
Heather, just checked on Phragweb. Your flower seems to appear there under Sedenii, which also notes " Candidulum" as a proper name referring to Sedenii. Variety or not???? not sure.
decided to google it as well and came across a pic labeled Phrag. Sedenii candidulum. It was published by purebs. I just happen to know the person with that handle. Let me contact her and see what she knows about her plant with that name.