Phrag. (Predator x Les Dirouilles)

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This is a cross between Phrag. Predator (=richteri x popowii) and Les Dirouilles 4N (= sargentianum x Grande). This is probably one of the largest Synsepal's I have ever seen on any Phrag! The flower is 14.5 cm wide and 15 cm long. The Synsepal is 5.5 cm wide by 9.5 cm long.


Pouch and Synsepal close up:

Another view of the Pouch and Synsepal:

Backside of the Synsepal:

I was thinking of naming this hybrid "Drooling Predator" What do you guys think?

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That is a very unusual and neat cross for sure. The color is rustic. Though the petals remind me of the God forsaken Hell's spawn leaves on my Dyckias.

I'm thinking this plant needs to be crossed onto besseae and kovachii. I'd love to see the results, I bet they'd be spectacular.
I'm not a green/brown Phrag guy but the synsepal is very cool, in a Darth Vader kind of way. :)

Lol, it's so true! I was thinking that the synsepal looks like a superheroes cape, but a villain is more in keeping with the dark colour. :)