Phrag pearcei

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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
This is also a Piping Rock plant (a division) and it’s first flowering for me. There was some scale on some plants that I treated through ebb and flood, but this one didn’t seem to take up the chemical. There’s live baddies I’ve scraped from the leaves and the buds had some damage. But it has two flowers open on a spike, and two more buds on the spike which hopefully will also open! I know nothing about pearcei to know what is normal flowering for it

The pouches are wonky :) :( but I’ve heard that these can be hard to flower. And it wants to flower, so I’ll show it off 👍91D008B1-4E35-4F08-BFCE-260DC09B649C.jpegEAC13404-94D1-47DD-9E89-6CC0D602AF39.jpeg314044C3-8976-44F4-82CF-53EE3A9FD7D8.jpeg5140164D-5E95-46B1-A1A8-C74CF0618D1F.jpeg

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