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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
a cross of Phrag Nicolle Tower x d'allesandroi

OK, where did you get it? Er, I mean that's very nice Ron. Yay besseae hybrids!

I think I got 2 of these from Ratcliffe the year before they move back to England.
I enquired if they import Eric Young Foundation plants. He sent me a list of pants that year, they are all individual one of a kind plants .
That's when I got the Phrag. La Hougette from Paul. Remember me when you want to get rid of one or when one is dividable. :)

Eric, When I got them, they are monster size leaves over 24 inches leaf span /3 inches across leaf ( I never seen any leaves that big) I manage somehow to shrink them down to 6 inches leaf span:D.
Can not promise that I will be able to nurture them back from the hellish shapes they are in now, but if they recover and have a couple growths , I will cut divisions from both of them for you.
I better check on them tonight, haven't water them for couple months.
Glen Decker was recently dividing some Eric Young Foundation Plants. I am sure he will consider selling the divisions.

Eric, I don't know where I got it from. The tag is hand written, I assume this one was a gift or a trade plant.
How come that division feature that Glen has on his website never been used?
I suspect it will be used in the future. All these had been grown into specimens for the show circuit. He has decided to condense some things and has recently made divisions of some awarded plants and some EYF plants. His winter 2007/spring 2008 catalog is about to be published and I suspect some of these divisions will appear on the website then.
Thanks Ron,
don't forget to let me know when he lists them on the web site