Phrag. Lutz Rollke

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The subtle colors are beautiful and the form is perfect. I need one desperately. Where did you find this beauty???
Ever think about selling a division???
Label says Natt's. Must have picked it up back when I used to go to the Chicagoland Orchid Fest, before most of the vendors closed down. I've had it 15-20 years, I guess. As for divisions, yes, if I ever get one lol. This plant has done the cyclical thing where it thrives for a couple of years, then fades, and then comes roaring back. I'm hoping now that I've returned to using spongerock in the mix it will stay on a positive course frlom now on.
Tennis, I have that problem with a couple of Phrags myself. The only semi-solution I've found is to cut the old,
bloomed growth off. Seems to stimulate new growth development quickly.
What a beautiful flower. And, by the way, a fantastic photo...
Lutz Röllke is owner of a well known german nursery. I will ask him if he is selling this hybrid.

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