Phrag Lindenii tips?

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Mar 27, 2016
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I Once grew a nearly dead ebay phrag grande into a nice large flowering plant.
After visiting a large gardens today I saw some not great condition orchids and feel like growing a phrag again. Saw a phrag lindenii for sale and I'm just wondering on growing advice?

My grande I used to keep wet and use RO water and rain mix with the TDS I think it was at around 70ppm-80ppm. I'm not 100% sure of that as it's been a long time. It pretty much grew itself. Just wondering if that's in the ball park for lindenii? Or is there any growing quirks. I'd have another Grande but it's only the lindenii that's for sale that looks similar.

Thanks for any help.
Pretty much all of P. lindenii's closest relatives (i.e. the "caudatum" group) grow better for me with chunkier mixes and slightly, ever so slightly, less frequent moisture than I give the rest of my Phrags.

All I can speak to is my own experience, but caudatum and its relatives don't like sitting in water long term and year round (which is how I grow all my other phrags). So, I water them mostly the same way I water Paphs, perhaps slightly more frequently.

They also seem to lack heat tolerance, instead preferring more moderate temps.

These types of Phrag also usually prefer higher light settings compared to the micropetalums and their hybrids (i.e. besseae, schlimii, kovachii, etc).

What you describe overall sounds perfect, except for the "kept wet" part. That's perfect for most phrags, but not necessarily for this species.

Good luck!