Phrag. Don Wimber 3N

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Eric Young 4N 'Rocket Fire' x besseae fma. flavum 'Imperial'

you don't get the phosphorescent orange DW when you use besseae flavum...and you almost never get yellow blooms, despite the "pictures" you might see from ebay vendors.


Registered in 1995 and named after the man whose ploidy work helped pave the way for modern-day phrag hybridizing, Phrag. Don Wimber is an enormously successful grex that is worthy of its namesake. The best Wimbers (made with the red forms of besseae) produce large flowers with flat triangular petals, and the color may best be described as a luminous phosphorescent orange. It is no wonder then that the grex has been heavily awarded, and that it demands a place in any phrag collection.

This particular plant was made with besseae fma. flavum in the hopes of producing yellow flowers, although it has turned out that these Wimbers tend to bloom out with a soft pastel orange color. The "yellow genes" of besseae fma. flavum appear to be quite recessive, and true yellow progeny are few and far between.

The grex is exceptionally vigorous and will thrive under standard terrestrial phrag conditions: good strong light, plenty of water, and intermediate temperatures.