Phrag. caudanum

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Tom DE, sorry about the typo. New MacAir and old slow hands.

Awesome, are your plants in plastic or clay pots? My slotted clay pots seem to dry out much faster...five days max.
I have grown and bloomed many long petal Phrags., including several varieties of caudatums. I grow mine on the south side of my greenhouse, with good light, relative humidity between 70 and 80 percent, night temps 55 to 60, very strong air circulation and water once every 7 to 10 days with rainwater


Great photography, George!
When I had mine,it was in a south window with dappled shade,during summer,and mid-cool temps 70 ish,and then, dry bright winter sun,in bark and charcoal in clay pot.It would bloom in February,again coolish temp.I treated it like a Cattleya.
I have eight P. caudatums which were originally (wild collected) imported plants, so I have had them for a long time. I summer them outside and find that they start spiking in late spring. I winter them in my greenhouse and am very careful to let them dry out between watering (in winter). I run the GH at 45-50 F during winter. I fertilize during summer when I remember to do so! Basically they do well with very little care. The plants are all multiple growth (6-10) and regularly flower.