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Perspective is misleading and it might be short too. The fan(plant ) usually flops down. In this case the plant grew up against another phag and didn't flop making the stem seem shorter.
Yes Mr Eric. Semi hydroponic with a slight modification. I got tired of the clear containers growing algae and some kind of aquatic funky bacteria. So they are all in hydro stones in regular pots which i set in these into solid trays i bought from Mixc. I found the trays on Amazon.
No more algae but still some funk. Once the plants re- established i got strong growths, spikes and roots coming out of the bottom of the pots.
Any idea why one almost never sees this cross referred to, at least in the US, under its RHS name, Phrag. Ainsworthii?
I have no good answer for your question. I know of the name Ainsworthii syn Calurum. All I can say of this ancient cross is, it predates the internet so sharing photos and names was limited to publications and local phrag growers. Currently there are very few growers of this cross i would imagine thus not posted on the web. Which would account for loss of alternate names. Just a guess, I don't know. I'm probably the only one posting this cross here on ST.
Hmmm, a picture is worth...
how do you keep the leca moist?
I guess I need to post a few pics of this setup. I guess the water wicks up the leca the same as if the plant was in a semi hydro pot.
Eric, when I said solid trays above I should of explained, solid as in no drain holes. The trays hold right around 2 inches of water.
Very nice George. See Eric, George has another way of getting semi hydro growing conditions. I don't put any holes in so I have a higher level of water in the individual pots16187538323682640874581234655930.jpg16187538323682640874581234655930.jpg16187539124939008447260707345781.jpg

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