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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
This is going to be one of the trickiest to photo so I'm starting as it opens.

:poke: I hate to mention this BUT aren't the flower stakes suppose to hold the flowers up?
You should have seen the conniptions I went through last night to get these photos. These are the best out of about 35. The color has a slight purplish tint that I wanted to capture but the difference between what the eyes see and the camera screen sees; and then the resulting photo captured, is AMAZING! Go ahead laugh all you want.
It's hard to try to spend money on a new camera when you're a grower who photographs flowers not a photographer who grows flowers. I.e. saving my money for WOC 19!!!
I like torturing you. Right now I have 5 phrags in bloom and I'm trying to figure out how to get them all in one big fuzzy photo:D!
:clap::clap::rollhappy::rollhappy: heaven forbid! you think about it? Be careful - that could ruin it!
Ahhh, too awesome. I think it’s hilarious you post these…did its duty in reminding me I want one at least! You should still upgrade before heading to the WOC though: It’s the stylish Barbie graphics that sold me…there’s even a little flower on it to remind you what you’re taking award-winning shots of after all the Bacardi that'll be flowing!

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