Phrag. besseae this year

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Jon in SW Ohio

Reefer, the legal kind
Jun 9, 2006
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Springboro, Ohio
This is my third time blooming this one, and it has always been my favorite besseae. It has always bloomed in mid-May, so I guess you could say spring came early this year:)

I originally got it as a tiny (3" leafspan) seedling from H.P. Norton as 'Peru 4n' x 'Ecuador 4n'.

This blooming took on a strange, "d'alessandroi-like" look which it has not done before during the other two bloomings. It measures between 10 and 11cm on this flower, but as you can see it isn't very round either and never has been.

This is the first day it's been over 60 degrees in I don't know how long, so it went for an outside photo shoot.

Here's some pics of the previous bloomings for reference:

Second blooming, May 2006

First blooming, May 2005



Really nice and bright, just what a person needs after all the winter greyness. I love the shot against the twiggy bush, and the side view. Thanks for the comparison shots.

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